Colorado Farm Bill Praises Representatives Lamborn, Tipton and Coffman for their Support of Colorado Agriculture

Centennial, Colo. — May 18, 2018 — Friday morning, the U.S. House of Representatives failed to pass the 2018 Farm Bill. After a largely party line vote of 198 – 213 against the bill, the Speaker moved to postpone a vote to reconsider the bill.

“The Farm Bill is needed now more than ever. Without the farm bill, farmers and ranchers are left without resources, financing options and basic support to be able to do business,” said Zach Riley, Director of Public Policy, National Affairs for the Colorado Farm Bureau. “Thank you to those congressman who understand the importance of agriculture in Colorado, our second largest industry and contributor to the State’s economy.”

The farm bill provides vital programs for agriculture including crop insurance, rural development, conservation as well the food stamp program. Without it, farmers and ranchers are left without necessary mechanisms to grow a safe and sustainable food supply.

While three members of the Colorado congressional delegation voted to support the bill, the remaining four members did not. The Colorado delegation’s votes are as follows:

Congressman Doug Lamborn
Congressman Scott Tipton
Congressman Mike Coffman

Congresswoman Diana DeGette
Congressman Ed Perlmutter

Congressman Ken Buck
Congressman Jared Polis

“It is our hope that when the bill comes up for reconsideration the delegation will unite to do the right thing and vote yes,” continued Riley. “A yes vote on this Farm Bill provides continued success for families and food security for years to come while saving our nation an estimated $90 billion over the next 10 years.”

Commodity prices are the worst they have been since the 1980’s. The downward trend is expected to continue, dropping a total of forty percent less in the next two years. Programs within the Farm Bill will help our food producers stay afloat during these difficult times.

It is unknown at this time when the Farm Bill is expected to be up for a reconsideration vote.