In a well-reasoned editorial, the Colorado Springs Gazette recently endorsed Amendment 74. The editorial board analyzed the ever-increasing threats to property rights in Colorado and deemed Amendment 74 an appropriate remedy.

According to the editorial:

“Amendment 74 would put a stop to the disturbing rise of activists and politicians brazenly attacking property rights in the name of causes they consider more important or popular. Taking the land of a few to benefit the many often rewards a politician at the ballot box.

Amendment 74 does one simple thing, as explained in the opening line of the election blue book: ‘Require the state or a local government to compensate a property owner if a law or regulation reduces the fair market value of his or her property.’”

Ultimately, the Colorado Springs Gazette sees Amendment 74 for what it is: a reasonable solution to protect Coloradan’s property rights.

Amendment 74 would provide property owners with just compensation for a reduction in fair market value by government action, strengthening a right already afforded by the Colorado constitution. For more information visit the Committee for Colorado’s Shared Heritage.