Colorado Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) and Colorado Farm Bureau (CFB) are working together on an effort to push back against a 2020 ballot measure that would require the introduction of wolves into Colorado’s landscapes.

The initiative would skirt long-standing scientific processes and force an introduction of the wolf into Colorado without any analysis of the potential negative impacts on Colorado’s environment and ecosystems, or its citizens. The initiative is also unnecessary, as CCA and CFB have worked with Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) to develop a “free-ranging” wolf plan, along with the necessary management strategies to ensure a “live and let live” policy for gray wolves that enter Colorado from other states.

The organizations will work through Colorado’s Title Board and courts to ensure that Colorado voters are not misled and that the necessary legal scrutiny is applied to the proposed pro-wolf initiative. Both the CCA and CFB believe wildlife management should be led by rigorous scientific inquiry, and not through the ballot box. Voters should beware of a measure that short circuits the long-standing scientific process on wildlife management and the delicate balance that must be kept between Colorado’s wildlife, livestock and recreation interests in ensuring Colorado’s environment is healthy and protected.

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