The Colorado state Title Board yesterday set the final title for the ballot initiative to introduce wolves in Colorado. Colorado Farm Bureau and the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association are opposed to the initiative and petitioned the Title Board for several changes to the proposed title. Ultimately the Title Board declined to make any of the requested changes.

The final title reads- A change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning the restoration of gray wolves through their reintroduction on federal public lands in Colorado located west of the continental divide, and, in connection therewith, requiring the parks and wildlife commission, after holding statewide hearings and using scientific data, to implement a plan to restore and manage gray wolves; and requiring the commission to fairly compensate owners for losses of livestock caused by gray wolves.

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The proponents of the measure may begin collecting signatures as soon as their petition is approved by the Secretary of State. Because this initiative is a statutory change, signature requirements are not subject to the provisions of Amendment 71, so proponents are required to gather 124,632 signatures from anywhere in the state of Colorado.

Colorado Farm Bureau and Colorado Cattlemen’s Association will continue to monitor the activities of the proponents and will notify members when and if they begin the signature gathering process.