The Rethink Wolves campaign recently responded to a pro-wolf opinion editorial in the Steamboat Pilot and Today. Shawn Martini, spokesman for Coloradans Protecting Wildlife penned the letter, asking voters to let science guide species management, not politics. Read the text of the letter below-

In his opinion piece, “Restore the Missing Howl,” Mr. Edward conveniently leaves out a few “facts” for readers of the Steamboat Pilot & Today.

Ironically, despite the headline of the piece, Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials worked to confirm the existence of a wolf pack in Northwest Colorado by hearing them howl. And luckily, due to good planning and foresight by those same officials, Colorado has a plan to manage “free-ranging” wolves that enter the state naturally. 

These same officials, the recognized experts in wildlife conservation and management, have repeatedly said that it’s not appropriate to forcibly introduce non-native wolves into Colorado. Voters in Colorado understand wolves are an amazing and beautiful species, but the science doesn’t support their forced introduction into Colorado.

Our state is three times as populated as Wyoming, Montana and Idaho combined. It’s the national hub of outdoor recreation. And it’s not the best place to force the hand of nature through a political process. 

Let’s let science and nature take the lead on wolves — not a ballot initiative that will bend the will of nature to fit within the proponents’ personal desires.