Today is National Ag Day, a day that celebrates farmers and ranchers across the country that work so hard to grow the food Americans eat every day. This year, during a global pandemic, celebrating agriculture looks a little bit different. Many businesses have been forced to close or severely restrict their services and with “shelter in place” orders going to effect across the country, gathering together to celebrate is not a a safe option. This is serious and all communities need to work together to stay healthy and protect one another.

Even with all this uncertainty and change one thing has not: farmers and ranchers are #StillFarming and Colorado #AgisOpenforBiz.

This year, instead of gathering Colorado farmers and ranchers at the Capitol to celebrate Colorado Ag Day and National Ag Week, the Colorado Farm Bureau will be sharing some digital content to talk about the impact of COVID-19 on agriculture and rural communities. Follow along here on CFB’s website or tune into CFB’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter channels. Farmers and ranchers are here for you and will continue working to keep the food supply chain stable and your plates full.

*Photo courtesy of  Jenna Musick.