The spread of COVID-19 has created a ripple effect across the globe. While the full impact it will have on global, national, state and local economies is still unknown, disruption across communities, urban and rural alike, is very apparent. Rural communities are still trying to navigate the current situation. Many people in the service industry have lost their jobs, schools have closed, a huge portion of the population is working from their homes and every day businesses like movie theaters and hair salons have closed their doors, hopefully temporarily. Additionally, agriculture’s access to foreign H-2A labor has decreased significantly, leaving a labor shortage for agriculture operations that are busy planting, calving and preparing for the next year.

“While the food supply remains stable, other aspects of daily life have significantly changed. Here at the Colorado Farm Bureau, we are dedicated to supporting our farmers, ranchers and fellow Coloradans in any way we can,” says Shawn Martini, Vice President of Advocacy for the Colorado Farm Bureau. “We are working to provide resources and information to our members and support our fellow Coloradans during this time of uncertainty. We know there are lots of people in our communities looking for work and this is one area where we may be able to help. Colorado Farm Bureau is launching a digital resource to connect Coloradans looking for work to farms and ranches looking to hire.”

Agriculture and related industries have been declared ‘critical’ and will continue to work and operate despite statewide “stay at home” orders. Colorado Farm Bureau is using as a one stop resource for those looking for information about COVID-19’s impact on the agriculture community. The resource, “Ag is Open” will address various issues like those listed above as well as provide information on rural mental health, life on the farm, agriculture job listings and much more.

Are you looking for help on your farm or ranch? Is one of your neighbors? Please, use the link below and share your job opening. Together, we can help connect the dots between Coloradans looking for work and farms and ranches that need help.