A message from Colorado Farm Bureau President, Donald Shawcroft:

Dear Farm Bureau Family,

It has been a privilege, a blessing, and an honor to be a member of Colorado Farm Bureau for the past 36 years and serve as president the past ten years. After much thought, I have decided not to seek re-election at this year’s annual meeting. It is now time for Ann and I to spend more time together and with our family, and for a new leader to take this seat and lead the Colorado Farm Bureau into the future.

I deeply appreciate the friendships, support, and fellow leadership that each and every one of you have given to me along the way. In particular, I appreciate the leaders that make Colorado Farm Bureau the incredible organization that it is today: the county leaders around the state who put in the hard work to make the organization successful, the past and present board of directors who I have served alongside over the past 34 years, the executives at both the federation and the insurance company who I have worked with along the way, and the leaders around the country and in Washington D.C. who support Farm Bureau as advocates for farmers and ranchers.

Not only are you all fantastic people, but I consider each and every one of you a friend. Thank you for all you do for the Colorado Farm Bureau and all that you have done for me as a friend, colleague and fellow leader.

Soon someone new will take the reins, until then I commit to you that I will be firmly in the saddle and vow to ride hard through the end of my term with the same passion as it began. I will continue working hard these next few months so the next president has the opportunity to lead our organization to even greater success.

Colorado Farm Bureau is strong. We have strong leadership at the county and state level; as well as an extremely talented and driven staff. There is no doubt that we will succeed. No matter who becomes the next president, I know that they will work hard, ensuring the Colorado Farm Bureau remains the premier agriculture organization in Colorado and continue our mission to preserve and protect the future of agriculture and rural values.

Once again, thank you and good luck to the Colorado Farm Bureau in the future.



Donald Shawcroft
Colorado Farm Bureau