Pasture and rangeland conditions in the Western part of the county were above average in 2019, following a cool wet spring across much of the region. But as with so many things, 2020 tells a different story. And its not a good story.

As of July 7, 49% of the continental U.S. is experiencing drought to some degree. This is up significantly from last year, and up from a reported 24% at the beginning of 2020. Roughly two-thirds of the Western U.S. is experiencing some form of drought, with key cattle regions some of the worst hit.

The worst concentration of drought is centered on the Southern part of Colorado, stretching into the Texas and Oklahoma Panhandle. Over 95% of Colorado is under some form of drought, with almost 40% of the state experiencing “extreme” drought conditions according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. As a result of longstanding drought conditions, USDA reports that at least 44% of the state is experiencing “poor to very poor” pasture and rangeland conditions.

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