The Colorado Farm Bureau and Well-Advised Have Teamed Up to Remove the Complexities of Medicare Selection for Farm Bureau Members

This free and unbiased technology takes the guesswork out of finding the optimal Medicare coverage for each individual

Nov. 11, 2020, Centennial, Colo. – As part of its long-standing commitment to provide members with information and resources to preserve The Colorado Way of Life, The Colorado Farm Bureau has partnered with Well-Advised, a free, unbiased, online tool to help each individual determine his or her optimal Medicare coverage based on individual preferences and priorities.

Medicare selection has traditionally been a complicated process, and support for those living in rural areas can be difficult to access. There are more than 3,000 coverage combinations, and most people using Medicare are not enrolled in their best option: They either do not have enough coverage, or they are paying too much for the coverage they do have. Well-Advised has developed an industry-leading technology that makes finding the optimal Medicare coverage for each individual scientific and simple.

“94% of people eligible for Medicare are enrolled in a plan that is not optimal for their needs or budget,” said Allen Billings, Co-Founder and CEO at Well-Advised. “Well-Advised technology makes it easy to select the right Medicare coverage based on each person’s clinical, provider and financial preferences. We are excited to extend this offering to the members of The Colorado Farm Bureau.”

The Well-Advised tool, available at, is free to use. Unlike other offerings, Well-Advised evaluates all available options from all insurance companies. The individual enters preferred doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, insurance and more. The resulting unbiased recommendation is, quite simply, the one that best fits the individual’s preferences, priorities and financial needs. When the optimal plan is recommended, the user can then easily enroll in Medicare, or if already enrolled, can change their existing Medicare coverage during the open-enrollment period. Well-Advised tracks the Medicare market and will alert the individual if a better option becomes available. All user information is private, confidential and secure. Most importantly, anyone who uses the Well-Advised website will never be targeted by unsolicited or unwelcome calls or communication.

The Colorado Farm Bureau delivers its members a broad array of benefits and insurance coverage options. This new partnership with Well-Advised further extends its offering by helping members and their family and associates take advantage of a free tool to find optimal Medicare coverage.

“Well-Advised could potentially bring our Medicare-eligible members better healthcare coverage at a better price,” said Chad Vorthmann, Executive Vice President of The Colorado Farm Bureau. “We are always looking for ways to enhance the value we bring to our members. Our partnership with Well-Advised helps ensure our members are aware of their best Medicare coverage option so they can best provide for themselves, their families and their farms.”

Dr. Robert J C Morris is Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer at Well-Advised. Dr. Morris stated, “This partnership is beneficial in informing Coloradans that there is a free, easy and unbiased way to find the very best Medicare coverage for each individual. Eighty-seven percent of individuals who sign up for Medicare never go back and change their plans, even as their health conditions or financial situations change. I would recommend that anyone eligible for Medicare use the Well-Advised tool to ensure they have the best coverage option. And, I recommend those caring for someone eligible for Medicare use this tool together with their loved one.”


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