A new president, vice president and slate of board members take the reigns of the state’s largest agriculture organization. 

During a historic Annual Meeting, districts from across the state connected virtually to elect a new group of leaders to the Colorado Farm Bureau’s board of directors on Nov. 21. Carlyle Currier of Molina, Colo. and James Henderson of La Jara, Colo. were named president and vice president of the organization, respectively. Gary Melcher, Holly, Colo.; Gary Paul, Yoder, Colo.; Roxi McCormick, Crook, Colo. and Joel Currier, Molina, Colo. were reelected. Newly elected board members include Nathan Weathers, Yuma, Colo.; Charly Minkler, Ignacio, Colo.; Callie Hendrickson, Meeker, Colo. and David Brown, Mosca, Colo.

“Colorado Farm Bureau has over 100 years of experience representing agriculture in Colorado,” says Carlyle Currier, newly elected president of the organization. “I am excited for this new group to come together and build off of the history of this great organization and lead it into the future. The returning members of the board as well as the new faces stand ready to represent agriculture and ensure farmers and ranchers can continue to do what they do best, keeping our plates full.”

Colorado Farm Bureau’s mission is to promote, protect and enhance agriculture and rural Colorado. The organization represents all crops, livestock and sectors of agriculture and works to strengthen the industry through advocacy, leadership development, educational efforts and initiatives. 

“Farmers and ranchers are not only vital to the survival of their local communities, but agriculture is the second largest contributor to the state’s economy. Without agriculture, Colorado is a very different place,” says Currier. “This board of directors knows that. With their leadership Colorado Farm Bureau will continue to fight for farmers and ranchers and ensure that agriculture has a seat at the table locally, at the state Capitol and in Washington D.C.”

The Colorado Farm Bureau board of directors consists of 14 members who represent ten districts across Colorado as well as the Young Farmer and Rancher Program and the Women’s Leadership Committee. The organization represents over 24,000 members growing every kind of crop and livestock available in the state. 



Photo below: CFB President Carlyle Currier and his wife Dawn.