On March 20, communities across the state will be celebrating the agriculture industry and all that it does to contribute to the state’s economy. Farmers and ranchers were essential workers before the pandemic and they will remain so after. Let’s celebrate the industry and on March 20, in truly grassroots fashion gather ranchers, restaurants, businesses and others to support the state’s second-largest industry. Whatever your style, grab a burger, a steak or a lamb chop at a local restaurant. Or, donate funds or food to a local food pantry. There are opportunities all over the state to support the industry and the ranchers who work so hard to keep our plates full.

Colorado Farm Bureau, Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, Colorado Woolgrowers, Colorado Beef Council, Colorado Pork and other agriculture organizations are encouraging everyone around the state to not only promote the benefits of meat consumption to Colorado, but to also patronize our local businesses, restaurants, etc. that have been deeply affected by the economic struggles of the pandemic.

Check out the events below: