Centennial, CO — Colorado Farm Bureau is working to help ag producers coordinate disaster response as eastern Colorado braces for what may be record snowfall over the weekend. The organization is launching a web-based portal for producers to request non-emergency aid as the weather event progresses.

“We are going to work to help local and state officials understand the immediate needs for ag producers and help coordinate the appropriate response. Folks needing non-emergency assistance can request it through our web form which will immediatly be routed to the appropriate authority with the help of the Department of Agriculture,” said Shawn Martini, Vice President of Advocacy with the Colorado Farm Bureau.

“We’d rather go through this fire drill and end up with a skiff of snow, than to not prepare and wish we had.”

Martini said Bureau staff will work with producers and the Department of Ag to triage needs and help coordinate the response. County Farm Bureau’s will also be identifying volunteer leaders that will help field requests, identify resources to help provide aid, and provide open lines of communication between the various levels of emergency response at the local level.

“Even though it looks like the forcaset is trending in the right direction and anticipated snow totals are being pared back, its good to have as many lines of communication open and ready prior to the storm hitting,” said Martini. “We’d rather go through this fire drill and end up with a skiff of snow than to not prepare and wish we had.”

The organization is also activating its donation platform to raise funds for anticipated needs once the storm subsides and recovery efforts begin.

***You can access the web form to make requests here.***


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