National Ag Day is March 23, and it has us all thinking back on the events that began all this in 2020:

March 10, – Governor Polis declared a “State of Emergency”

March 14 – The Colorado General Assembly shuts down, postponing until later in the year.

March 18 – San Miguel County orders residents to stay at home, the first order of its kind in the state.

March 25 – Colorado Ag Day at the Capitol doesn’t happen and Governor Polis issues statewide Stay-at-Home order.

You’ve heard it all, the pandemic brought about “unprecedented times,” “uncharted territory,” “uncertainty,” and so much more. We saw supply chains interrupted (but not for long), a rush on toilet paper and PPE. We tried to “flatten the curve” and protect hospital beds and our important essential workers. It just so happened that Colorado Ag Day was the perfect time to talk about the grit of Colorado agriculture. Farmers and ranchers never stopped. They worked through it the just like they always do. If grocery store shelves were empty…they weren’t for long.

The campaign was born.

The first of it’s kind across the country, this website and social campaign helped provide not only farmers and ranchers with concise, updated information about the pandemic, it helped educate consumers about the importance of the supply chain and assured them that while it may bend, it won’t break. The American Farm Bureau Federation and other state farm bureau’s fueled the #StillFarming campaign to celebrate farmers and ranchers across the county. The hashtag caught on and reached nearly 100 million people across the digital landscape.

A lot has happened since that first disaster declaration in Colorado. We’re certainly still dealing with the effects of COVID-19 and while we’re getting closer by the day to returning to “normal,” we’re not there yet. However, throughout all of this we can be sure that one thing hasn’t changed: farmers and ranchers are still Open for Business. That’s why, this year, CFB is launching a new campaign. A campaign that pays tribute to the industry that never quits. A campaign that celebrates the farmers, ranchers and workers that were essential before the pandemic, and will remain so long after. CFB presents:

Throughout Ag Week, CFB will share stories about Colorado’s agriculture industry and the rural communities that support it. We’ll look back at the struggles rural Coloradans face, celebrate the amazing work occurring in our industry and look at the challenges and opportunities that are on the horizon. If you missed it, yesterday the CFB Women’s Leadership Committee hosted a webinar where attendees listened to female leaders in the industry to hear about their leadership journeys and learn about using their own voices to advocate for agriculture.

The MeatIn movement culminated on Saturday, March 20 with over 115 events and promotions across the state, thousands of dollars raised and thousands of pounds of meat served. More to come on this, too!

Be sure to watch this website, as well as our social media pages for more from the Ag is ALWAYS Open campaign during Ag Week.

More to look back on: