You can expect to see more advocacy opportunities in the coming months. CFB is gearing up for a busy season for Action Alerts at the federal level and when the state legislature convenes in January. 

  • “It will be more important than ever for members to engage and advocate by sending emails and texts to officials,” said VP of Advocacy Shawn Martini. “Luckily, we’ve made it easy for members to sign comments and Action Alerts with just a couple clicks.”

QUANTITY > QUALITY: Action Alerts will come with pre-loaded text to deliver a message. And you are encouraged to add your own story. But the most important thing is numbers.

  • “Members should take action, then think about ways to increase the number of people responding to that Action Alert,” said Martini. “Numbers are what counts.”

TOP TIPS: Taking the time to answer an Action Alert isn’t hard. But you can make the process easy and have more impact by using a few tips and tricks.

1) Sign Up for Text Messages
CFB’s new advocacy platform makes it easy to respond to Action Alerts, and it’s even more accessible from your phone. With just a few clicks, you can respond to a text message CTA and have your comment fired off to D.C. or Denver. You can sign up for text alerts here

2) Spouses Count Too!
There’s more than one voter in your household, so you can send more than one comment. Forward Action Alerts to your spouse, or sign one for yourself, and then sign one for them too.

3) Share on Social Media
The system will allow you to share an Action Alert on social media. Don’t miss this step. It’s a great way to engage your network and boost the number of respondents. 

4) Draft a Quick Email
Just forward your Action Alert email with a note asking folks to participate. Respondents don’t have to be members! 

5) Create a Text Group
Save a group text with people you know will want to participate in Action Alerts. Then you can forward your Action Alert text to the group when it arrives. 

SPEAK UP: We want to hear from you! What can we all do to improve engagement and drive more responses to Action Alerts? Let us know your top tips!