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Comment Now on the BLM Proposed Rule

In April, the Bureau of Land Management published a proposed rule which stands to eliminate the principles and tenets of multiple use guaranteed to BLM grazers under the Federal Land Management and Policy Act (FLMPA). This rule will elevate conservation as a use on the same footing as grazing and is wholly misguided.
WE NEED YOU to tell BLM:
•Conservation is an outcome of existing stewardship on public/federal lands, practices like grazing are compatible and essential for healthy landscapes.
•The reduction or erosion of multiple use compromises the integrity of partnerships between land managers and BLM. The agency should strive to work with all stakeholders for shared conservation success.
•The proposed rule, and lack of advance discussion with the multiple use community, calls into question BLM’s commitment to collaborative discussion. CFB members have the right to have their feedback heard, and not have their grazing leases superseded by other uses.
The deadline to comment was extended to July 5, so comment now!
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