Ag In Motion

Ag In Motion

Colorado Farm Bureau’s “Ag in Motion” program offers educational lessons and hands-on activities about agriculture for children ages 8-12 years old. From schools to water festivals and other events, Ag in Motion is designed to be versatile – it can be used at an all-day event, or even for just an afternoon for 2-3 hours. The trailer houses five educational barns that can be customized to display any combination of our 14 topics in agriculture:

  • Beef cattle
  • Sheep and wool
  • Dairy cattle
  • Chickens and eggs
  • Pigs
  • Water
  • Soil
  • Energy
  • Colorado Crops
  • Hay
  • Colorado Fruits and Vegetables
  • Potatoes
  • Natural Resources
  • Wildlife

Every lesson is purposefully aligned to Colorado State Standards and Common Core to ensure that what the children are learning fits right in with curriculum already being used in the classroom.

The “Ag in Motion” program is 100 percent led by volunteers. To utilize the trailer, a volunteer must pick up and drop off the trailer at disignation destination. Pick up and drop off location is liable to change, pending on the location of the event. Volunteers can be of all backgrounds, agriculture or not!

To request the Ag-in-Motion trailer at an event, fill out this form. 

For all questions, and volunteer sign-up inquiries, please contact:

Jayde Van Cleave
Regional Manager Education 
Phone:  303-478-2832