Emerging Leader Award

The YF&R Emerging Leader Award is designed to honor one outstanding YF&R member annually.  The award recognizes YF&R members who are active in Farm Bureau, their county, their community, in the YF&R program, participate in YF&R competitions, show leadership gained through the YF&R program and show personal and professional growth by participating in YF&R activities.

Nominations can be made by clicking HERE.


  1. Award applications must be submitted to CFB by October 30, 2017.  Please submit entries to Colorado Farm Bureau Attn:  YF&R Award Nomination - 9177 East Mineral Circle – Centennial, Colorado 80112.  The county will receive a confirmation email.
  2. Applications for the Overall Award, when printed, shall be limited to no more than a single sided typed page detailing the YF&R member’s activities, participation in YF&R events and competitions and merit in deserving the Overall Award. 
  3. The competition is open to Young Farmer & Rancher members 18 to 35 years of age.
  4. Counties may submit up to two total applicants from any county.  State YF&R Committee members may submit one applicant per member.
  5. Applications will be judged by past State YF&R Committee members beyond age 35.
  6. The winning applicant will be announced at the Colorado Farm Bureau Annual Meeting Banquet.
  7. The attached template can be used as a guide in submitting an applicant.