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The Good Neighbor Project

The Good Neighbor Project encourages us to check in on each other, connect neighbors with help and build resilient rural communities.


The Good Neighbor Project is a Colorado Farm Bureau initiative to encourage everyone to check in on one another. This will help remind our friends and neighbors that we care about one another, and if someone needs it, help is available. The program will kick off in May in conjunction with Mental Health Awareness month.

We encourage all who are interested to grab a plate of cookies (either that you’ve baked yourself or that you purchased) and drop them off with friends, family or neighbors. Friendly postcards will provide information about resources in case they are struggling. These resources include CAAMHP and the Colorado Crisis Hotline. CFB wants to encourage intentional connection with people we know and love but may need a friendly face or a reminder that they aren’t alone.

Life gets busy, but this project asks us all to slow down for just a moment and check-in with someone around us.

More about the program: 

Goal: Check-in on Each Other (This is NOT a membership drive!)
When: Month of May (Mental Health Awareness Month)
What: Distribute Goodies and Resources
How: That’s up to you. There are some ideas below with more detail below. CFB will make postcards with resources available to attach to your goodies. Contact the office for more information about these postcards (303.749.7500) or order them using this form: Postcard Order Form. Postcard orders need to be in by May 10th so we can get them printed and delivered to your designated representative.
Other: All Producer members will receive a postcard with a detachable postcard. Maybe you’ll be on the receiving end of those.

Details to Inspire You:

We’ve got time, resources, and energy.
Step 1 – Bake cookies and bag them into treat-sized portions for your county to distribute.
Step 2 – Attach the CFB provided postcard about the Good Neighbor Project.
Step 3 – Distribute goodies to county members/volunteers.
Step 4 – Brighten up your community by checking in on your neighbors.

We’ve got some resources but we’re limited on time.
Step 1 – Identify a vendor who could create your goodies and bags for you.
Step 2 – Deliver the postcards to the vendor to attach to the goodie bags.
Step 3 – Pick up goodies and distribute to members/volunteers.
Step 4 – Brighten up your community by checking in on your neighbors.

We’ve got limited resources and even less time.
Step 1 – Distribute postcards to members/volunteers.
Step 2 – Have individuals identify a budget-friendly treat at the grocery store.
Step 3 – Attach postcards to the treat.
Step 4 – Brighten up your community by checking in on your neighbors.

*Cookies: Maybe your county is known for a local treat or a few pieces of fruit or spice packet are more your style. That’s okay. Cookies are only a suggestion. Feel free to get creative.
Download this flyer for a printable way to share information.
Download a sample postcard here.


Colorado Crisis Services: Whatever you’re going through, we’ll help you through it.



CAAMHP:  The Colorado Agricultural Addiction & Mental Health Program was built by Colorado Farm Bureau in partnership with other agricultural organizations. It is designed with farm and ranch families and their rural neighbors in mind. It is anonymous and free, it’s accessible remotely, and ag-friendly.