The Elite Leadership Academy is a year-long, intensive leadership and professional development program for Farm Bureau members wishing to take their leadership and advocacy skills to the next level.

The Elite Leadership Academy creates powerful leaders and advocates for the agriculture industry. Participants are exposed to a diverse set of issues and industry trends. They develop stronger communication skills which empowers them to address issues proactively and impart meaningful change.”

— Kacie Sallee, ELA program coordinator

In addition to intensive leadership training, participants also receive training in communications and advocacy, media relations, public speaking, and networking. Participants are exposed to a full range of policy issues of importance to Farm Bureau and the agriculture industry to maintain a well-rounded understanding of the policy challenges faced by agriculture and rural America.

The members of the Academy are those that have exhibited notably high leadership potential through their involvement in Farm Bureau, community, and agriculture endeavors.

Class members participate in six intensive training sessions. Each session includes a networking dinner, principal and application studies, intensive case studies and think tank–type discussion with an educator. The class also travels yearly to visit agricultural operations in other states, and to Washington D.C. as a capstone trip upon completion of the program.

The Elite Leadership Academy aims to provide class members with the tools necessary to be powerful advocates for the agricultural industry, develop stronger critical thinking skills and improve their communication skills to be proactive in addressing issues.