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Animal Welfare

Have questions about how animals are raised? Use this guide as a good place to start.

U.S. Pork Producers Council

Highlighting the U.S. pork industry’s long-standing commitment to responsible pork production and to responsible animal care, handling, and transportation, the “We Care” initiative promotes the Ethical Principles that U.S. pork producers have lived by for decades. Go to site >

Beef Council

Raising beef is a complex process, but throughout the entire journey, one thing remains constant – the shared commitment to raising cattle in a safe, humane and environmentally sustainable way by using the latest technology and resources. Go to site >

United Egg Producers

Today, more than 85 percent of eggs produced in the U.S. come from farms that voluntarily participate in UEP Certified, choosing to open their farms to independent auditors. Go to site >