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These resources highlight strategies and training that Farm Bureau University and the training and development team can assist county Farm Bureaus with to build a calendar of events of activities that correlate in the county Farm Bureau goals and mission statements. Below are a couple of ways that county Farm Bureaus can start in the planning process! Farm Bureau University has a wonderful planning module located Board Essentials. This pathway will uncover the process for creating and reviewing mission statements, creating a plan of action, building fiscally sound budgets and setting committees up for success – all of which increase the return on your time and dollar investment. If you or your county is curious whether yearly planning is right for you, print and fill out the following worksheet ‘Is Planning Right for Us’ and that may get the ball rolling on pursuing a training and development opportunity. Either team or Farm Bureau University can help you do this. There are many county Farm Bureaus that already benefit from yearly planning and sometimes just a refresher as to how to hold a planning meeting is all you need.

Planning Toolkit

Below is a quick tool kit with the following: sample planning meeting agenda, case study of a planning session, scamper model of reviewing and prioritizing county events, and plan of action sheet for committees and events. Go to site >