Working For Colorado

It’s a worthwhile task to help promote and protect Colorado’s second largest industry. Colorado Farm Bureau helps to ensure that such a large economic engine is tuned and running at peak capacity. The more we can make the ag industry successful, the more we can make Colorado successful.

CFB is dedicated to helping family farmers and ranchers stay on their land and continue to produce the food, fiber and fuel we need to feed ourselves and the world. We provide our members with continuous representation at the local, state and federal level, we seek to enhance marketing opportunities and protect the rural lifestyle. In doing so, we are working to strengthen Colorado’s farming and ranching families for generations to come.

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Protecting Our Shared Values

The diverse members of Colorado Farm Bureau come from all walks of life. They share the same values of family, prosperity and quality of life.

Regardless of your station in life, where you come from, what county you live in or what your job is, CFB is working for you. Colorado Farm Bureau works to improve our state’s economy, natural resources, environment, and social institutions. Through work on education, youth development, environmental quality, sustainability, health care, and rural development, Colorado Farm Bureau is helping to make Colorado a better place to live. Help us in that mission.

We are also focused on supporting charitable causes that help feed and clothe those Coloradans who are less fortunate than others.

Securing Our Food Supplies

From beef to honey, Colorado Farm Bureau members produce some of the nation’s best and safest food. If you are addicted to chewing and swallowing, you benefit from our work. Thanks to our climate and water supply systems, Colorado agriculture succeeds by transforming dry prairie to some of the most fertile farm ground in the nation. We are also a national leader in the production of natural and organic products at the local level. The success of natural products companies in the state is a testament to that leadership role.

Colorado Farm Bureau is dedicated to making sure our food comes from safe sources within the borders of the United States and (where possible) Colorado. Turning the production of our food over to other nations could spell disaster for the United States. We will protect our producer's ability to grow and raise our food at all costs.

Conventional or organic, Colorado’s food producing industries work to keep you and your family well fed in a safe and sustainable way. Help Colorado Farm Bureau’s work in securing our state’s food supply. Join us!