Host a high school senior.

Teach them about agriculture.


The Senior Field Studies program invites high school seniors from Bear Creek High School in Jefferson County to explore what it is like living on a farm or ranch. A semester long course focusing on experiential learning, students visit and participate in various communities around Colorado: urban, suburban, rural and wilderness.

The Colorado Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee sponsors the rural segment of Senior Field Studies. The rural portion consists of a student living with a Farm Bureau host family for one week. In 2019, students will visit farm families from April 11th-18th (seven nights) to experience farm and ranch life first hand.

These students are from a wide variety of backgrounds and are of different races and nationalities. They are not necessarily interested in a career in agriculture, but are studying farming, ranching and rural living to add depth of understanding and perspective. They will discuss agriculture in their classroom with a CFB staff person and Roxi McCormick, the State Women’s Leadership Committee Chair.

If you are interested in hosting, or just want to learn more about the program, please use the resources below: