Colorado Farm Bureau is grassroots oriented and policy is developed from the opinions and values of its members. Every member has an opportunity to weigh in with his/her thoughts for improving opportunities for farms and ranches as well as rural Colorado.

Members shape Colorado Farm Bureau policies each year, beginning at the county level. Colorado’s 45 county Farm Bureaus begin discussing and researching issues important to producers and rural communities across the state at the annual Summer Ag Issues Summit, held each July.

In August, an Ag Issues Summit Report and Policy Development guide are sent out to each County President. The information included in this packet is meant to provide each county with information regarding the policy development timeline, the uniform guidelines for submitting policy recommendations, the template to use when submitting the recommendations and for the Colorado Farm Bureau and American Farm Bureau Federation Policy Book.

Beginning in October, counties must submit their policy recommendations to the state office via a policy recommendation form. Following the submissions, the state office compiles the recommendations into the County Policy Recommendations Report, which is sent out before the meeting of the State Resolutions Committee.

One member from each county comprises the State Resolutions Committee. The State Resolutions Committee meeting is held three weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. The State Resolutions Committee takes the County Policy Recommendations Report and reviews the policy development suggestions and then submits a compromised report for the delegate body to vote on at the Colorado Farm Bureau annual meeting. No new policy recommendations are allowed at the SRC meeting. All county policy recommendations must be sent through the policy development process and be reviewed by the State Resolutions Committee.

Following the State Resolutions Committee meeting, their report is forwarded to delegates. The delegate body votes to add or amend CFB Policy at the CFB Annual Meeting in November.