Membership pays even more than ever in 2019. CFB is happy to announce a new membership benefit with Ford Motor Company! The benefit applies to the purchase of new Ford and Lincoln vehicles and is “stackable” with most discount programs and special pricing.

“Having a benefit partnership with Ford is very exciting for us,” said Becca Edlund, CFB Associate Director of Technology and Membership. “Ford is bringing tremendous value to CFB members and it’s a much better vehicle discount program than we’ve offered in the past.”

The discount is available for all CFB members and provides $500 bonus cash on the purchase or lease of a new Ford vehicle. Members also receive $750 in bonus cash on the purchase or lease of a new Lincoln. A terrific bonus to the discount and the Farm Bureau vehicle program, this discount can be claimed after a purchase takes place.

“Sometimes members forget about their discounts until after they’re already bought their new vehicle,” said Edlund. “With Ford, members can be reimbursed for the discount if they forget to claim it before completing their purchase. That added flexibility is what really makes this program great.”

Ford is currently running a promotion that provides an additional $500 in Conquest Cash for new purchases through September 2019. Some program limitations may apply. Your membership pays! Make sure to take advantage of the new Ford membership benefit the next time you need to purchase a new vehicle. For any questions about the program, contact the CFB office at (303) 749- 7500 or