Denver, Colo. —The following statement is attributed to Don Shawcroft, president of the Colorado Farm Bureau:

“Farmers and ranchers in Colorado are pleased with the announcement of new reforms to the Endangered Species Act (ESA). These new rules will reduce the disconnect between successful species recovery and the continuing, unnecessary regulatory burden that affect landowners under the current rules.

ESA’s purpose is to restore species that are at risk for extinction and unfortunately, the rules in their current form have failed to de-list species showing recovery. Moving forward, these changes will create transparency and continuity between various regulatory agencies and farmers and ranchers on the ground while also clarifying the distinction between threatened and endangered species. This will help more effectively allocate resources and better provide meaningful protections for our most vulnerable animals.

Colorado Farm Bureau and its members have a long history of supporting species recovery efforts, including those for the Black Footed Ferret and Mountain Plover. Colorado Farm Bureau even received an award from the Department of the Interior on the Mountain Plover recovery efforts. This proves what can happen when we all work together for the greater good instead of removing landowners’ voices from the process.”