Centennial, Colo.⁠— Today, House Democrats announced their support of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement. The following can be attributed to Don Shawcroft, President of the Colorado Farm Bureau:

“The agreement between the Trump administration and House Democrats on the terms of USMCA is the most welcome news Colorado farmers and ranchers have had in a long time.

Canada and Mexico are Colorado agriculture’s two largest trading partners and the potential failure of the trade deal has hung over our industry and its farm and ranch families for quite some time. Recent trade agreements with Japan and other counties are important for expanding markets, USMCA has long been a priority for agriculture and this agreement is fantastic news.

While a tricky, final vote on the updated measure still remains, perhaps the biggest hurdle has been cleared, and we are confident the measure will move quickly in the coming days.

Colorado’s farm and ranch families now have another reason to be thankful this holiday season.”


Background on USMCA

Designed to replace the North American Free Trade Agreement, the USMCA builds on important trade relationships in North America and strenthens the relationship between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The agreement is expected to increase U.S. ag exports by $2 billion and result in a $65 billion increase in gross domestic product. The two countries are also Colorado’s largest trading partners. 

Colorado Farm Bureau and other agriculture organizations have been advocating for passage of USMCA for over a year since it has been in the hands of Congress.