New report looks at ways to foster industry in the coming years


Centennial, CO – The Colorado Farm Bureau today released the findings of a new report that examines the future of agriculture and rural Colorado. The report covers a wide range of topics that are important to the agriculture industry and provides suggestions for individuals, community members and policymakers at the local and state level.

The Future of Agriculture in Colorado Taskforce brings together the combined experience of members from healthcare, education, agriculture, community development, trade promotion, ag economics and other sectors, to apply their knowledge and expertise to agriculture and rural Colorado.

“We assembled a very diverse group of thought and business leaders to learn about the future of their industries, and apply it to how the future of agriculture might look in Colorado,” said Chad Vorthmann, executive vice president of Colorado Farm Bureau. “We are so honored to have the participation from such a great group of leaders and are excited about how the report’s findings will be used in the coming months and years.”

The report also provides suggestions for local communities and policymakers about ways to foster the industry’s growth and the rural communities that rely on it. While the study period and drafting of the report took place before the emergence of COVID-19 and the resulting economic recession, the findings of the report will be even more critical as Colorado works its way back to normal.

“We see the report as a good reference for leaders looking for ways to support agriculture and help strengthen rural communities,” said Vorthmann.

The report examines many study areas from the standpoint of individual farms and ranches, local rural communities and the state. Topics include healthcare, education, natural resources, technology and infrastructure, and more. The project was launched to celebrate the organization’s 100th anniversary, as a follow-up to a similar report commissioned by the Farm Bureau in 2006.