The following statement can be attributed to Carlyle Currier, President of the Colorado Farm Bureau:

“The ruling by the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals’ means that farmers and ranchers will once again have clarity around water regulations. This ruling overturned the District Court’s order which forbade the state from implementing the 2020 Clean Water Rule. While we wait for next steps from the courts, agriculture can celebrate that hopefully soon Colorado will join the rest of the country and have rules that more clearly define federal water jurisdiction while continuing to protect water quality. We ask the Colorado Attorney General to end this confusion and lead Colorado forward so agriculture and all those that rely on these rules can get back to work

Water is one of Colorado’s most valuable resources. Without it, agriculture isn’t able to do what the industry does best…grow food. Farmers and ranchers value clean water, and every day they work to leave the land, air and water in better shape for their families, neighbors and future generations.”