Happy Colorado Ag Day!

This day is always full of fun and festivities. Usually Colorado agriculture meets at the State Capitol to eat food and sample meats, fruits and vegetables from across the state. Unfortunately, for the second year in a row, we’re celebrating digitally. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about the amazing contributions the industry has to the economy, the heritage of the state and all Coloradans.

As the second-largest contributor to the state’s economy, Colorado Agriculture contributing nearly $47 billion and employing just under 200,000 people. Colorado ag products are diverse, ranging from beans, chilies and cantaloupe in the southeast, potatoes in the San Luis Valley, orchards on the western slope, sugar beets, corn and row crops up north and popcorn, grains, sunflowers, millet and more row crops out east. Not to mention the cows, sheep, pigs and other livestock that thrive around the state! Take a look at the graphic below to see just how productive Colorado counties are…some even ranking nationwide!














While, Colorado farmers and ranchers have had to fight to have their voice heard, the Colorado Legislature celebrated their contributions with a joint resolution in both chambers. Legislators from both parties in both chambers talked about the importance of the industry and recognized the hard work and fighting spirit of Colorado’s farmers and ranchers.

Watch the Colorado House’s recognition of Ag Day.

Watch the Colorado Senate’s recognition of Ag Day: