Bear Creek High School seniors are gaining real-world experience through a semester-long course sponsored by the CFB Women’s Leadership Committee that includes a week of rural living. These students, from diverse backgrounds, are exploring farming, ranching, and rural life, even if their career interests lie elsewhere. They’ll be fully integrated into host families’ daily routines on the farm or ranch, from driving tractors to fixing fences. Host families are chosen around March based on the details provided in the applications. During their stay, open dialogue between students and family is crucial, allowing students time for personal reflection.

High schoolers get an immersive experience of farm and ranch life through the Senior Field Studies program. This impactful CFB initiative bridges the urban-rural divide, offering students a week-long stay at an agricultural operation. Over time, the program has successfully fostered understanding between contrasting communities, equipping students with an unforgettable life experience.

Colorado Farm Bureau is still looking for families willing to open their homes and operations to high-school-aged students from April 8-15. Fill out the form here to apply!