In conjunction with Mental Health Awareness Month, Colorado Farm Bureau is launching the Good Neighbor Project for the third consecutive year.

“The Good Neighbor Project, a vital initiative in our ongoing efforts to address mental health in rural communities, was created to foster connections. The data underscores the urgency of our mission, with suicide and mental health diagnoses disproportionately affecting rural and agricultural communities. We aim to remind people that a simple act of kindness, like a plate of cookies or handshake, can make a world of difference, letting them know they’re not alone and that someone cares, “ said Carlyle Currier, CFB President. 

Colorado Farm Bureau members will receive postcards through the month of May with resources, including the Colorado Agricultural Addiction and Mental Health Program (CAAMHP) and Colorado Crisis Services. If someone you know would like additional postcards with these resources, please contact Melissa Weaver, Director of Communications, at Postcards are limited.

The American Farm Bureau Federation also recently partnered with Togetherall, an anonymous, online, clinically moderated peer-to-peer mental health support community. Togetherall members are there to listen, support and give each others’ mental well-being a boost, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The network is safeguarded by licensed clinicians who oversee the community around the clock. Farmers and their families have access to an agriculture sub-group to share or read others’ experiences in a safe, judgment-free zone. Thanks to support from the Farm Family Wellness Alliance, access to the platform is available to members of a farm family, aged 16 and older, free of charge.

For more information about each of these resources, click the links below.


Colorado Crisis Services