Established by Travis Hertneky, a licensed Professional Engineer, THEngineering offers agricultural consulting and engineering solutions to the agricultural community.

THEngineering is built on over a decade of experience navigating the ever-evolving regulatory requirements, and a lifetime of experience as a producer. CFB members will receive 15% off their first invoice, or the first $1,000 of that invoice.

Available services include: 

Environmental Consulting
• Reporting assistance
• Compliance and recordkeeping
• Water, soil and manure sampling services
• Nutrient Management Plans

Livestock Engineering Design Services
• Facility layout and planning
• Waste and storm water
• Drainage & flood plain
• Topographical mapping
• Spill Control and Countermeasure Plans (SPCC)
• Irrigation
• Liners & pond seepage
• Water supply
• Subsurface investigations
• Livestock handling systems
• Dust suppression systems

• Regulatory compliance
• Functionality
• Environmental Phase I & II

• County zoning
• Construction Storm water
• Building, and Grading
• Industrial discharge

To find out more information, go to . To take advantage of this benefit, contact Travis Hertneky at 719-661-6209 or